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Whether you are buying your first home or are purchasing a second or vacation home, Damaina Mendes Ponce delivers the best service you can expect and the results you deserve.


We understand that buying a home is one of the largest and most important decisions many people will make, and we take that seriously. As home buyers look at real estate properties in several South Florida areas in Broward County or Palm Beach County, such as Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach to name a few, our listings benefit from our broad market exposure. 


Damaina offers a thorough approach to buying property, designed to achieve the desired results at the best price as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Real Estate | Damiana Mendes Ponce

Once you have decided to buy real estate in South Florida, the next step will be to focus on your needs, desires and goals. We will evaluate your priorities and based on our knowledge and expertise of the neighborhoods in South Florida, along with research through our MLS listings, we will locate you the home that will satisfy your requirements.


In order to locate the right home for you and your family, here are the steps we will take:


Step 1. Determine Payment Methods and Pre QualificationsThe first step in buying a new home is to determine how you will be paying for your home and what is your budget.


Step 2. Narrow Down General Location Where You Want to Live. regardless if you are familiar with an area or not, we will discuss the communities and surroundings that will fit your lifestyle.



Step 3. Define You Needs and Wants In Your New Home. The search process for your dream home includes finding what your interest, needs and wants from the place you want to call "Home!"


Step 4. Set Appointments and View Homes. Working together, we will find the best time for you, and the seller to view a property. I will do my best to work around your schedule.



We understand that purchasing a home is one of the biggest decision that you have to make. As your South Florida premier Real Estate agent, Damiana Mendes Ponce represents you and works closely with you to protect your interests. 


To get started searching for your next home purchase, fill out the form and Damiana will be in touch with you shortly.



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